Easy Clés was born from our great taste for traveling and service. The project was built up inside two minds, and now the agency is developing for almost 15 years, led by Delphine and Manu, two passionate travelers. 

" We made tailor-made vacations, the heart of our profession. " 

Together with our team and carefully selected partners, we consider the seasonal renting and the concierge services as a whole of high quality performances meant to make our clients' lives easier, both for the hosts and the guests, even the most demanding of them. 

First of all, our goal is to free the hosts from all the struggle related to the management of the seasonal renting. Therefore, we offer a full assistance during the whole process of the house renting. This is why, we take under our control all the administrative, commercial, marketing and financial work as well as the cleaning and the maintenance of the property, if needed. Our knowledge of the local real-estate market and the evolution of its renting potential, form our main strengths, used in our advising strategy. Shortly, we help our hosts in optimizing their renting income by guaranteeing them long-term loyal guests.   

As for our guests, Easy Clés signifies amazing vacations in the Basque Country. Beyond the quality of our large renting offer consisting of fabulous villas and high-standing apartments, instantly bookable on, everything is being made in order to make their renting experience unique and easy. Our team is doing the best job backstage to make it all perfect. Privacy and availability are key to answering to our clients' needs, during their stay as well as before their arrival. The idea is to create tailor-made holidays enjoying the various possibilities that create the charm of the Basque Country. Whatever you would like, Easy Clés gives you access to a whole panel of well chosen partners, providing holiday activities.  

Since the beginning of 2021, Easy Clés finally offers real-estate transaction services, to enhance our already exiting offer. Our regular communication and the consequent trustworthy relationship with our clients, have led us to this level. This is why we are now being a bridge between the Basque landlords and the travelers enchanted by the Basque Country who would like to leave their luggage here for longer, or even forever. The real-estate trade is just the logic follow-up of the agency's initial activity. For this mission, we select only premium level real-estate, that fits our loyal clients' expectations.