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Frequently asked question from owners who often leave their primary residence during holidays. 

First thing first, it is important to know that you can't rent your primary residence more than 4 months per year in order to regulate the rental market. 

On top of that, you must register your place at the city council in order to get a registration number.

The rental market is more and more regulated, this is why it is essential to respect these steps. 

What are the advantages of renting your primary residence ?

The advantages are set into 3 categories : Profitability, Security and Liberty. 

- Profitability : 

Renting our accomodation undeniably brings high profitability. Indeed, the rental yield will cover not only the cost of your vacation/travel but also your annual charges. 

Our agency will advise you on the correct rental price and the arrangements necessary to make it work the best.

- Security : 

Although the Basque Country is a safer region, it is always more reassuring to know that the property is inhabited in our absence, in particular to dissuade potential intruders. 

- Liberty : 

Seasonal rental allow you to remain in control of the availability of your property and thus acquire total freedom in its management. 

Why let a real estate agency manage your place ? 

Renting your place means dedicating considerable time and managing many factors that can cause stress : management of check-in / check-out schedules, answering to various requests from tenants, management of technical contingencies and daily requests ... this is why we are here to simplify this process by taking care of all these aspects. 

By contacting an expert concierge, you benefit from a professional, efficient, rigorous and above all experienced service that will allow you to manage an increasingly demanding clientele. 

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